Friday, January 07, 2011

an evening of 'stati'....

the flow of thoughts during a rough patch, in facebook statuses...
some days i wish i had never been born. :(
--just can never do anything right

i can't do it right. that's why Jesus came and did it for me.

there's always a more-perfect job that can be done, no matter how well we did. when does it end? ...... when Jesus died on the cross and did what i can never do.

Jesus fills up everything that is lacking in me. which is.... everything.

Jesus extends His grace to us when we fall short, and by His blood cuts off the continual flow of 'expectations' on our behavior, attitudes, and beliefs. so why do we then place those same expectations on each other's shoulders? why then do we place those same expectations on our OWN shoulders?

‎"Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace. It is so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times." -- Martin Luther. ....and where does that faith come from? do we stir it up in ourselves? no -- it's the gift of God, so none of us can boast.

law says 'do'. grace says 'done'.

law says 'FINISH HIM!!!!' and tears our heads off our spines.
Jesus says simply, 'it is finished.'

i don't need to hear tips on how to experience God in a fuller way, how to appropriate the blessings of God, or how to take authority over sin, sickness, and demons. i just need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross on my behalf. and i need it every moment, of every day -- for the rest of my life.

my only hope in life is in Christ. so i cling to Him. 'when i grow up, i want to be a Cling-on!'

just an example of how i battle it through.

not with subjective feelings about God or about me.... but with objective TRUTH, as stated in God's word.

cuz feelings lie.  my spiritual antennae pick up screwy signals.  and satan masquerades as an angel of light.


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  1. Law says do , Grace says done. Brilliant. I love your blog. Will keep reading and comments. May the Lord bless you overwhelmingly this new year!


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